Lunch Conserts 19-23 July

As part of the cultural festival ”Potato Fest” in Åfors 19-23 July 2023 (Wednesday-Sunday) the venue Huset Bredvid offers accoustic Lunch Conserts every day with a multitude of different musicians friends on the outdoor stage in front of the house from 12.00 in sunny weather (otherwise indoors), as well as a more intimate indoor consert every night at 20.30 for max 20 guests. All performances are included in the festival ticket that you can buy at the Festival Website.

Here are some of the performing musicians:

Cattis Bergqvist is a singer-songwriter from Stockholm who sings what she calls Existential Songs.

SoundCloud link:

Hasse Airikr Bergman sings and plays songs in Swedish and English from his colorful life on and off the road.

YouTube link:

Daniel Scott is a jazz-musician/improviser from Stockholm who plays music meditations on saxophones, flute, african harps, piano, percussion etc.
Spotify link:

Jim J River is an independent artist and songwriter from Stockholm. Jim writes spiritual and thoughtful songs in english with a dreamy and harmonious sound.
Spotify link:

Lennart Hallström is a djembe teacher who performs with a group of his local students in Åfors Djembe Jam. (He also plays the gongs at the Gong Baths every day of the festival.)

Performance video: Åfors Djembe Jam at Folkets Hus 2022

Simon James is a local singer-songwriter, originally from England, who lets his songs speak for themselves.

Spotify link:

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